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  • Friday, February 03, 2006

    Jerry and Mei-Ling Take to the Trails in Search of the Elusive Hearts 'A Bustin'!

    Spanky Howling in the Car with Maggie!

    Walk in the Woods with Jack Russell Terriers Leads to Encounters with Two Box Turtles!

    Black Walnuts and a Walk in the Woods with the Dogs!

    Black Walnuts
    While walking in the woods with the dogs, I came across a black walnut tree and many, many black walnuts on the ground. It was located near the river, but not on the riverbank. It was between a sunny field and the woods on the riverbank. This is a relatively rare tree to find these days.

    At first, I thought the large green fruits on the ground were those of the osage-orange tree, but they were not pebble-skinned, so later I asked D. what he thought they could be, and he immediately thought of black walnuts. A check of our tree books confirmed it.

    D. said that as a boy, his father would buy huge bags of black walnuts for the family, and they would all enjoy them. Sometimes they ate just the nuts, and other times his mother would bake cakes or other desserts with them. They have a very strong taste, not mild like the English walnuts we buy in the grocery stores, so you really have to acquire a taste for black walnuts.

    A Beautiful Photo of the Gorgeous Mei-Ling!

    Best-ever Photo of Jerry Hiking with his Beloved Mei-Ling in the Woods!

    Spanky in the Car!

    Some Interesting Mushrooms in the Woods on a Walk with Spanky!

    Thursday, February 02, 2006

    Spanky Wants to Go On a Ride in the Car!

    Like all dogs, and especially Jack Russells, Spanky loves to go on a ride, and has very convincing methods of letting this be known!

    Spanky Enjoys Watching the Westminster Dog Show!

    Here is a great photo I was able to take when Spanky became so agitated and interested in the Westminster Dog Show that was on television one evening. He growled and barked at the dogs, and watched them parade around and be judged on their conformation.

    Spanky, the JRT, Loves to Ride on the Ledge in the Back Seat!

    Spanky loves to ride on the ledge in the back seat!

    Dan and Spanky Singing Their Favorites Songs Together!

    Dan and Spanky singing their hearts out together! We have discovered that Spanky has the most wonderful, deep and resonant singing voice - some would call it a howl, but it really is a type of bonding song that dogs use with their pack.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Photos of Maggie and Spanky!

    Here are two photos I took of Maggie and Spanky with my new digital camera I got for Christmas! I love it!