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  • Monday, March 06, 2006

    Sadie's Big & Bold Walk in the Wild Woods!

    Sadie is never happier than when she is running with the Big Dogs on the trails in the woods. Having lots of adventures, and using up some of her puppy energy. Such a great bonding experience for the pack! She tries to always be out in front, in the lead dog position, and she runs shoulder-to-shoulder with Maggie and Spanky.

    This time, however, we went on a much longer walk than usual, and Sadie got tired and asked to be carried for a while. Dan carried her under his arm for about 25 yards. She quickly regained her energy, and was soon wiggling to be put down so she could continue running with her pack.

    Sadie Loves to Ride in the Car! And She Doesn't Get Carsick!

    That's the best part - she doesn't get carsick and throw up all over the car's interior. All of our Jack Russells have loved riding in the car, but some of them got so carsick, it was almost not worth the effort.

    Big News! Sadie has Mastered the Stairs!

    Sadie finally masters the stairs! Up until today, she would whimper and warble until someone would take pity on the poor little thing and carry her down. No more!
    Her breeder, Judi Lovell,told me to put a little bit of food on the next step down, and not let Sadie go back up after retrieving it. I did this, but that scutter would scamper back up to the top and not budge. Then, I had the bright idea of mentioning the reason we were going down the stairs: We were going on a ride in the car and then for a walk in the woods (two of her favorite things).

    She still wouldn't come down, so I just said, "Bye, Sadie! See you! We're going for a walk in the woods!" And then we all proceeded down, and guess who followed? Just like a pro!

    Horrified by the prospect of actually descending the stairs!

    Encouraged by Maggie and Spanky, Sadie warms to the idea.

    Getting her nerve up!

    There she goes!

    All the way down, just like a pro!

    Sadie Tries to Go Down the Stairs, but Still Can't Manage It Yet!

    For some unknown reason, the usually bold Sadie hesitates, whimpers and warbles in distress while she tries to get up the nerve to tackle the issue of going down the stairs. She will go down one stair, become alarmed, and head back up to the top again. She squeals pitifully until someone picks her up and carries her down to the bottom. Going up is no problem, and going down the steps outside presents no problem, but the indoor stairs - no way, at least for a few more days.

    Sadie Goes for her First Walk in the Woods with the Big Dogs - And Loves It!

    Here are a few photos commemorating Sadie's first walk in the woods with the big dogs!
    Here are Dan and all three Jack Russells walking on the Prayer Walk.

    This is Sadie on her first walk on the trails!

    Another photo of Sadie taking her first walk in the woods!

    Another photo of Dan with the dogs.

    A little dog in the big woods - Spanky on the trails!

    A series of adorable photos of Sadie in the woods!

    Sadie and Spanky Enjoy Fightin' and Bitin' and Roughhousin' Some More!

    Little Miss Rough 'N Tough Sadie loves to go fighin' and bitin' and roughhousin' with Spanky!

    Happy Valentine's Day from Sadie Belle!

    Sadie Belle wishes you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day!

    Sadie Is Growing Up So Fast - Here are Some New Photos of Her!

    Sadie and Spanky - best buddies!

    And Even More Photos of Sadie!

    Here are a few more photos of Sadie in action! And, in case you were wondering, she actually does take a nap from time to time. Here is a shot of her napping with her beloved Wiley the Fox (gift of Judi Lovell).

    More Photos of Sadie Belle!

    I just can't stop taking photos of L'il Miss Sadie! So here is the latest crop of photos of her playing with Spanky. They have become best buddies, and spend a great deal of their day in rowdy rough and tumble play-fightin'. Hope you enjoy these - Sadie is a joy, such a beautiful pup and a real snuggler. And like all Jack Russells, she understands everything you say to her.

    Yesterday Sadie went for her next round of vaccines at the vet's, and of course they just bragged non-stop about her, even though she was scared the whole time she was there. Not the cowering kind of scared, because JRTs do not cower, ever, under any circumstances, but the kind of scared where she climbed up my arm, shoulder, and neck like a squirrel, and then tried to disguise herself in my hair!

    She has gained a pound since her last visit three weeks ago! Now she weighs in at a hefty 5.6 pounds, up from 4.6 pounds last month!