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  • Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Sadie Belle, Our Fourth Jack Russell Terrier!

    The cutest puppy in the world! Here are a few photos to introduce you to Sadie, our newest Jack Russell Terrier!

    Sadie is about ten months old now. She is beautiful, bouncy, outgoing, happy, energetic, intelligent, snuggly, loving, curious, adventurous, busy, lots of personality, stubborn, independent, irrepressible - in other words, the perfect Jack Russell Terrier for us! And yes, of course she is already spoiled rotten!

    Sadie came from Judi Lovell Switch Company / Jack Russell Kennels in Charleston, Tennessee. Judi Lovell breeds Shorty Jacks and regular Jack Russells, in addition to making custom tail switches for horses.

    Judi owns Sadie's mom and dad, Rosie and Doc Holliday, as well as about a dozen other JRTs. We wanted a puppy from Rosie after we saw her photo on Judi's website. Rosie is the short-legged, very muscular style of Jack Russell, and everyone knows the Shorty Jacks have the best dispositions and personalities of all the Jack Russells.