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  • Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Sadie Belle Pulls A Fast One!

    One night we cleared the table after dinner, but forgot one plate. Guess who didn't forget it? Miss Sadie Belle! When no one was in the room, she slipped up onto a chair and helped herself to what was left on the plate! I happened upon her in the midst of her caper and snapped these photos. Enjoy!

    Sadie Belle Gets Stung By A Wasp!

    Poor little Sadie Belle! She was stung by a wasp on her front paw, and it really did hurt her for a while, and then she got over it. There was a time this summer when there were wasps flying around everywhere, about 6-8 inches above the ground.

    When I noticed Sadie jump up in the air, and then start running in a zig-zag pattern, then holding up her paw, then licking furiously at her paw, that's when I realized she had been stung. Here are some photos of her paw that shows the swelling at the sting site, plus one photo of her resting and recovering in her bed. She favored that paw for quite a while, but it got better fairly quickly.

    Lucky, Our First Shorty Jack Russell Terrier!

    In Memoriam
    November 4, 1990 - August 10, 2003

    Our first Jack Russell was Lucky, who died about 3 years ago from heart failure.

    Lucky was undoubtedly the most intelligent and most human-like dog we have ever known, bar none. I have been trying to find another one like him for years, but so far no luck.

    Maybe Sadie is the one who will be able to step up to the plate, and be our second Lucky. They do share the same birthday, fifteen years apart!

    Lucky as a puppy

    Here are Maggie and Lucky guarding the door in their Christmas sweaters

    Lucky discovers a nest of robin's eggs on the window sill

    Maggie, Our Second Jack Russell Terrier!

    Spanky, Our Third Shorty Jack Russell Terrier!