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  • Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Mandy Lovell (Sadie Belle's Sister) is a Champion!

    We have just heard the most exciting news from Judi Lovell! Her Jack Russell puppy Mandy is less than a year old, but Judi took her to a Jack Russell trial recently, more or less just to introduce Mandy to the world of trials and racing.

    Mandy had to race with the adult dogs in the shorty jack racing. This was Mandy's first time to even see a race course, first time away from home, first ride in the Excursion, first time in the racing box, all new dogs to race against, and the first time to race. Not to mention having to wear a muzzle. In spite of all these new things to deal with, Mandy tore out of the racing box and burned up the track, going through the hay bales ahead of all the other dogs! First place!

    On the steeplechase racing, they used the 16" hurdles which are not supposed to be used with shorties, but Mandy just sailed over them. Won that too!

    She got a great big silver plate and a honker of a championship ribbon! Two blue ribbons and one championship on her very first time out!

    On Nov. 7th, she will race again in Tyron, North Carolina. But this time she will know the drill, and will only get better and better, and will only get faster and faster!

    Judi is so proud of her, and so are we! Just to have finished the race made her proud but to win - well, that was so special. She is still on cloud 9.

    Mandy is Sadie's twin sister. Their mother and father are Judi Lovell's dogs Rosie and Doc Holliday. There were three females in the litter, and since Rosie is getting up in years, Judi decided to keep one of the females for breeding and racing. Mandy was her choice, and she is extremely intelligent, totally fearless, bold, and active - the perfect Jack Russell Terrier! The first one to climb out of the puppy box, in other words. Judi really picked a winner!

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    A Fast-Paced Trek in the Woods, With a Deer Watching Us!

    Look at the photo below to see if you can find the deer that watched us for quite a while on the trails! If you can't see the deer, look at the area I have circled in the next photo. Click on the photo to enlarge the image. These deer are able to camoflage themselves so well!

    Here are a series of photos of Spanky, Sadie and Maggie taking a brisk walk in the woods on a beautiful almost-fall day!

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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    On a Hike in the Woods, Sadie Belle Discovers Mr. Turtle!

    Yesterday afternoon, I took the dogs for a hike in the woods, starting at the chapel, heading down the trail to the moonshine still, then coming out way over on the road that leads back to the main road.

    Just as we were getting on our way down the trail, Sadie stopped and started staring intensely at a tree on the side of the trail, and sniffing in that direction too. This was different from the way she stops and smells every bush and clump of grass, so I stopped to investigate. And what she had spotted was a large, nicely marked box turtle walking serenely through the woods, at least until we came along!

    Sadie studied him intently for a minute, then got a little scared, and backed away from Mr. Turtle, who kept on walking to wherever he was going, and we continued on our way too.

    Nice hike, tired out the dogs enough to calm them for the evening, fresh air, cooler temperatures for all of us. A good day!

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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Photos of a Cute Jack Russell Puppy Named Sadie Belle!

    A few photos of a cute, some would say the cutest, Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Sadie Belle!
    Here is an interesting photo of Sadie Belle, taken from above!

    And below are a few random photos I took of Sadie Belle in our car to and from our walk in the woods on Saturday. We thought that if we took the dogs on a long walk and wore them out by making them very tired, they would handle our evening out with Ann Coulter better. And it seems to have worked! Enjoy these latest images of our cute pup!

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Lucky, the Music Lover and Lucky, the Musician!

    One of Lucky's favorite things in the whole world was to listen to music! Sometimes we would miss him and go looking for him, and there he would be, sitting patiently outside the door to our living room where the piano resides.

    Lucky would be thrilled and captivated if someone would play the piano for him, either a song, a scale or just a few notes. He would listen intently and try to figure out the music and the piano mechanisms. If we opened up the piano to expose the piano hammers and the internal workings, Lucky would study it all intently, as only he could. Look at the first photo and you will understand what I mean.

    Lucky also understood the concept of music and playing the piano, to the extent that he would play a note or two by striking the keys with his paw or his chin, and then would listen intently to to the sounds and then would set about analyzing it all. You would have to see this to believe it, but take my word for it, this dog could play music!

    He would never tire of music, and although we would move on to other things, he would have stayed at the piano forever, taking in the music and trying to understand it.

    At one point, we began to notice that Lucky was bringing his squeaky toys into the piano room. He placed them right next to the piano where he sat on the floor listening to the music.

    Then we noticed that he was squeaking the toys along with the music! He was actually playing along with the music, playing music on his squeaky toys along with whatever music was being played on the piano! I know this sounds incredible, but it is absolutely true! We showed this phenomenon to visitors, Jerry and others, and everyone was amazed at what they saw.

    Here is Lucky squeaking a toy along with the music on the piano. If you stopped playing, he stopped squeaking. When you started again, he would squeak again.

    Look at the intensity of his concentration as he listens to the music! Look at the squeaky toys he has assembled at the piano!

    Lucky never tired of music, and devoted so much time and energy to trying to understand all he could about the piano and notes and music. Fittingly, when Lucky died, we buried all his squeaky toys with him.

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Jack Russell Terrier Trials at Cartersville, Georgia over the Labor Day Weekend, Part 1

    For a bit of entertainment over the Labor Day weekend, Dan and I went to the Jack Russell Terrier Trials at the Bartow County Saddle Club in Cartersville, Georgia. We had a lot of fun and learned a great deal about how these trials run. We enjoyed watching all the Jack Russells there, and concluded that our dogs are not really very noisy, compared to some we saw here.

    We were disappointed that we weren't able to see Judi Lovell and her dogs there. We got Sadie from Judi and were hoping to see Sadie's sister and others from her group, but Judi had an emergency and had to cancel at the last minute. Maybe we'll catch up with her another time.

    We were also disappointed that there were no Shorty Jack Russells at the trials. Shorty Jacks are the kind of short-legged, stocky Jack Russells that we like so much. Lucky, Spanky and Sadie are excellent examples of Shorty Jacks.

    We saw four events: Racing, Go To Ground, Super Earth and Barn Hunt. Read about them all below and in the next post.

    Here are some Jack Russells in their holding pens. As you can see, they are in continual motion, jumping, barking, walking around.

    This photo shows how the dogs travel to these events, in small cages, stacked up, and some with little individual air conditioners to keep them cool in hot weather.

    Here's the end of the race, and the winner rushes through the opening at the end of the course.

    These dogs go fast!

    The rest of the photos show the Go To Ground event, in which dogs enter a 30' tunnel, and race through a maze, with several turns, to the end where a caged rat is the prize. Everyone lines up and takes turns sending their dogs through the course, but we laughed when we saw one dog break free from another area of the trials, race over to the Go To Ground and start and finish the course in record time. Unfortunately, he got in trouble because he wasn't signed up for the event, and also broke line in front of the other dogs!

    Dogs and owners line up and wait their turn to run the Go To Ground course. During this waiting time, the dogs work themselves up to a fevered pitch of excitement. They love to hunt!

    Here's the end of the course, showing the white rat in a cage and a white dog trying to get him.

    Another view showing the entire Go To Ground course.

    This dog went in the tunnel and then came back out and ran around the tunnels to the end of the course, and the rat prize, but was disqualified for his display of creative problem solving. To win, the dog must run the course through the tunnel! Those are the rules, but what Jack Russell worth his salt ever went by the rules!

    This little Jack Russell got so excited about running the course that he barked continually and squirmed and struggled to get started on the course. When he finally got his chance, he had gotten so worked up that he ran in the tunnel and then immediately ran back out and had to start again!

    Jack Russell Terrier Trials at Cartersville, Georgia over Labor Day Weekend, Part 2

    Here is Part 2 of the Jack Russell Terrier Trials post.

    This next event is the Super Earth Competition, and for this one the dog is placed in the walled-off enclosure and the goal is, as always, to find the rat in the canister at the end of the maze. To start off, the dog has a choice of 3 chutes to do down, and then has to go up an enclosed bridge (very tricky), and then on to a few more turns in the maze until the dog finds the rat in the cage at the end of the tunnel. The tunnels are scented with rat or fox scents to guide the dogs to the end. Even so, some dogs cannot pick the right one to start out in, and others can find the right one immediately. The whole event is timed by the judge, and the fastest dog to complete the course is the winner.

    Here is the layout of the start of the Super Earth course.

    Here is the end of the course with the rat in the round cage at the end of the tunnel.

    This owner is trying to tell her dog to go in the tunnel at the top, but he seems determined to try them all before committing.

    This close-up photo shows the white rat in the cylindrical cage and if you look closely, you can see the dog at the end of the tunnel, barking, with mouth open and fangs bared.

    These next photos (below) are of the event known as Barn Hunt. In this event, a rat in a tube-shaped cage in hidden in a stack of hay bales, and the dog hunts for the rat in the barn. The judge keeps time and the fastest dog to find the rat is the winner.

    Sounds simple enough, but as you can see from the photos, some dogs make it complicated by consulting with their owners for hints on where the rat is hidden. One dog just couldn't find the rat at all, after a long search, and another JRT escaped from the barn. And the dog owner tells the judge when he/she thinks the dog has found the rat, to stop the clock, and if the owner is wrong, the dog is disqualified. Sometimes it looks like the dog has found the prize, but really has not. And the owner doesn't know where the prize rat is hidden, so that makes it interesting!