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  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Jack Russell Terrier Trials at Cartersville, Georgia over Labor Day Weekend, Part 2

    Here is Part 2 of the Jack Russell Terrier Trials post.

    This next event is the Super Earth Competition, and for this one the dog is placed in the walled-off enclosure and the goal is, as always, to find the rat in the canister at the end of the maze. To start off, the dog has a choice of 3 chutes to do down, and then has to go up an enclosed bridge (very tricky), and then on to a few more turns in the maze until the dog finds the rat in the cage at the end of the tunnel. The tunnels are scented with rat or fox scents to guide the dogs to the end. Even so, some dogs cannot pick the right one to start out in, and others can find the right one immediately. The whole event is timed by the judge, and the fastest dog to complete the course is the winner.

    Here is the layout of the start of the Super Earth course.

    Here is the end of the course with the rat in the round cage at the end of the tunnel.

    This owner is trying to tell her dog to go in the tunnel at the top, but he seems determined to try them all before committing.

    This close-up photo shows the white rat in the cylindrical cage and if you look closely, you can see the dog at the end of the tunnel, barking, with mouth open and fangs bared.

    These next photos (below) are of the event known as Barn Hunt. In this event, a rat in a tube-shaped cage in hidden in a stack of hay bales, and the dog hunts for the rat in the barn. The judge keeps time and the fastest dog to find the rat is the winner.

    Sounds simple enough, but as you can see from the photos, some dogs make it complicated by consulting with their owners for hints on where the rat is hidden. One dog just couldn't find the rat at all, after a long search, and another JRT escaped from the barn. And the dog owner tells the judge when he/she thinks the dog has found the rat, to stop the clock, and if the owner is wrong, the dog is disqualified. Sometimes it looks like the dog has found the prize, but really has not. And the owner doesn't know where the prize rat is hidden, so that makes it interesting!


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