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  • Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Mandy Lovell (Sadie Belle's Sister) is a Champion!

    We have just heard the most exciting news from Judi Lovell! Her Jack Russell puppy Mandy is less than a year old, but Judi took her to a Jack Russell trial recently, more or less just to introduce Mandy to the world of trials and racing.

    Mandy had to race with the adult dogs in the shorty jack racing. This was Mandy's first time to even see a race course, first time away from home, first ride in the Excursion, first time in the racing box, all new dogs to race against, and the first time to race. Not to mention having to wear a muzzle. In spite of all these new things to deal with, Mandy tore out of the racing box and burned up the track, going through the hay bales ahead of all the other dogs! First place!

    On the steeplechase racing, they used the 16" hurdles which are not supposed to be used with shorties, but Mandy just sailed over them. Won that too!

    She got a great big silver plate and a honker of a championship ribbon! Two blue ribbons and one championship on her very first time out!

    On Nov. 7th, she will race again in Tyron, North Carolina. But this time she will know the drill, and will only get better and better, and will only get faster and faster!

    Judi is so proud of her, and so are we! Just to have finished the race made her proud but to win - well, that was so special. She is still on cloud 9.

    Mandy is Sadie's twin sister. Their mother and father are Judi Lovell's dogs Rosie and Doc Holliday. There were three females in the litter, and since Rosie is getting up in years, Judi decided to keep one of the females for breeding and racing. Mandy was her choice, and she is extremely intelligent, totally fearless, bold, and active - the perfect Jack Russell Terrier! The first one to climb out of the puppy box, in other words. Judi really picked a winner!

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