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  • Monday, September 25, 2006

    On a Hike in the Woods, Sadie Belle Discovers Mr. Turtle!

    Yesterday afternoon, I took the dogs for a hike in the woods, starting at the chapel, heading down the trail to the moonshine still, then coming out way over on the road that leads back to the main road.

    Just as we were getting on our way down the trail, Sadie stopped and started staring intensely at a tree on the side of the trail, and sniffing in that direction too. This was different from the way she stops and smells every bush and clump of grass, so I stopped to investigate. And what she had spotted was a large, nicely marked box turtle walking serenely through the woods, at least until we came along!

    Sadie studied him intently for a minute, then got a little scared, and backed away from Mr. Turtle, who kept on walking to wherever he was going, and we continued on our way too.

    Nice hike, tired out the dogs enough to calm them for the evening, fresh air, cooler temperatures for all of us. A good day!

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