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  • Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Sadie Belle Loves Her Toys!

    Sadie Belle loves her toys almost as much as Lucky did, and cannot get enough of them, and never tires of playing with them.

    She got her first toy from Judi Lovell, who gave Sadie a toy fox as a going-away present to ease Sadie's transition to her new home with us. Mr. Fox slept with Sadie, her mom, and her sisters for a few days to acquire their scents, and then came with Sadie to our home. This was such a great idea, and indeed, Sadie did make the smoothest transition of all our Jack Russells.

    Below is a photo of Sadie as a little puppy with her beloved Mr. Wiley Fox:

    Sadie loves to play with her toys, shake them to death, then bite a hole in them, pull the fluffy stuffing out, then go in for the prize: the squeaker! So periodically, I sew them back up, almost as good as new, but still a bit misshapen, then wash and dry them, so they are clean, fresh, and all in one piece again. Sadie becomes anxious when they are being washed in the washer and dryer, and is overjoyed when she gets them back.

    The two photos below show Mr. Bucky Beaver after Sadie has mauled him. He is a good candidate for reconstructive surgery!

    The photos below show her checking out some of her toys that have been repaired and cleaned. A few minutes after I took the photos, Sadie had pulled all the toys off the chair and was happily playing and attacking them once more.

    The American Kennel Club makes a line of very durable and realistic toys for dogs. These can actually stand up fairly well to the viscissitudes visited up them by Sadie. The toys are also animals that Jack Russells might actually have encountered in the wild: foxes, beavers, squirrels, hedgehogs, ducks, geese, racoons, and the like.

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