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  • Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Remembering Our Lucky and A Trip Down Memory Lane!

    Not a day goes by that I don't think of Lucky and remember what an extraordinary dog he was, more than a dog, more like a person.

    Today, I was browsing through some image files and came upon a few photos of Lucky playing with his beloved squeaky toys at the piano. His greatest joy was to listen to piano music and squeak his toys along with the music. When the music stopped, he would stop squeaking his toys. When the music resumed, he would resume squeaking his toys. He never tired of this, and would wait outside the piano room for a chance to hear music.

    These photos are several years old. You can tell by looking at Jason and his tie-dye t-shirt!

    Also I found a lovely photo of a much younger Maggie sitting in a chair and wearing her favorite sweater. And then there's a shot of both of them keeping a vigilant watch at the front door, while enjoying some time in the sunshine.

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    Some Photos from Easter 2007 with Jerry and the Dogs!

    All dogs love Jerry, but not many love him as much as our Jack Russells. Here are a few photos from Easter showing Jerry and Sadie Belle and Spanky. Enjoy!

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    Poor Spanky! So Afraid of Going to the Vet for His Check-Up!

    It was time for Spanky's yearly check-up, and after I had parked in the vet's parking lot, I got Spanky's leash and started to get him out of the car. More easily said than done! As soon as I opened the door on one side, he ran over to the other side and tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible, in the hope that I wouldn't see him and he could skip the vet appointment. When I went to the other side of the car, he moved to the opposite side. He was too far away to reach, so I had to go back and forth until I finally corralled him and got his leash on.

    You can see from the photo that he is as far away from me as possible, with his head hidden, flattened out, and trying in vain to scoot under the front seat of the car.

    And then in the waiting room at Peachtree Corners Animal Clinic, he began panting and hyperventilating, and trying to escape through the plate glass window and under the bench where we were sitting.

    I finally got him calmed down and he had a (relatively) calm check-up. No problems found, shots administered, and goodbye until next year!

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