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  • Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Looked Forward to Dogwood JRT Club's Play Day - But Dang It, We Didn't Get to Go!

    We had planned for a couple of months to take Sadie Belle and Spanky to the JRT Play Day in Jasper, sponsored by Dogwood JRT Club. We were really looking forward to this day of fun and games for the dogs, where they could learn how to race, jump over hurdles, do lure coursing, go-to-ground in pursuit of their quarry, and probably some other fun games too. What a great way for the dogs to do what they love to do instinctively, while running off all that energy, learning new games, and perfecting the skills many of them will use in JRT trials all over the southeast! We had been to another of Dogwood JRTs events, actual JRT trials, not play days, and it was a lot of fun, so well organized, with very nice people everywhere.

    Since all dogs have to wear muzzles for the races, I bought Sadie Belle a soft muzzle so she could get used to it before her first race at Play Day. You can tell from the expression on her face (in the photo below) that she does not think this is a fun thing. I think it might be a tad too small for her, although the package said it was the correct size for Jack Russells, and she is a very small Jack Russell.

    Our plan was to go to Play Day, then go over to Ball Ground for lunch and to look around the town and assess the new development that will be coming there one of these days, then come on back home in time for dinner.
    Judi Lovell was also planning on being there too, with Sadie's sister Mandy, so it was going to be a wonderful day for dogs and people alike. Jason was home for fall break and he wanted to go too. Then we got word from Judi that she was not going to make it that weekend, but we were still planning on going.

    The weather was beautful that day, all day, but we didn't get to go to Play Day or Ball Ground. Here's the reason: unfortunately, Sadie Belle went into heat a few days before, so we couldn't take her any place that would have male dogs around. Dang!
    Dogwood JRT will have another Play Day in March, but that's six months from now, and Sadie could be in heat again in March too.

    Here are two photos of Big Belle, one with her new muzzle on and another with her new fancy pants on!

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    Fun Photos of Our Sadie Belle!

    Sadie Belle is bamfoozled by a wasp nest she finds on our patio. No idea how it got there, probably dropped by a bird, and surprisingly, it was gone the next day! None of the other dogs noticed the wasp nest, but Big Belle certainly did, and at first she was very afraid of it, but then got up the courage to get a closer look.

    Favorite place for dogs to watch the world go by - at the front door in the warm sunshine.

    Dogs in the sunshine again, but look at Belle's toy beaver in the photo too!

    Three photos of Belle in the woods

    An adorable photo of Sadie Belle boxing!

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