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  • Wednesday, February 27, 2008

    Sadie Belle Goes for a Ride in Car!

    Not long ago, we took Sadie Belle on a ride when we were doing a little scouting south of here.

    She is such a good little rider, and quickly settled down in my lap and watched the traffic and the scenery, always on the lookout for dogs being walked.

    Here are a couple of photos from that otherwise uneventful outing.

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    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Our Earliest Photo of Sadie Belle as a Puppy

    Just ran across the first photo we ever saw of Sadie Belle! At this point, she is only known as F1 (for Female #1). She is about 3-4 weeks old.

    Judi Lovell photographs the puppies she has available for sale in a photo setup with a barrell/bucket with ivy surrounding it. That way, the pups are supported by the bucket for a good photo, and they are inclined to be still too.

    Belle doesn't look all too happy about the idea, but she is compliant - for the moment! She is soooo cute!

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