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  • Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Sadie Belle Goes for Her Yearly Check-Up

    It's time for Belle's yearly check-up, so off we went to the vet's office.

    But not so fast. Before we went to the office, we had to go for a long walk in the woods because Belle has the unpleasant (for the vet's staff) habit of becoming so nervous that she empties her bowels all over the place when they take her back to the examining area to weigh her and take her vitals.

    So we walk in the woods beforehand to clear her out and make things easier on the staff. This helps, but not always. On this occassion, I asked the technician how Belle did in the back, did she poop on them, and learned that happily, she had not pooped, but, not so happily, did release her anal glands which had almost the same effect. Win some, lose some, we always say.

    Here's Belle in the room waiting for the technician to come take her back to the exam area. She looks fairly calm.

    Getting a little anxious now - notice that her tail is down and her brow is furrowed.

    Belle keeps an eye on the door, anticipating the arrival of the vet and the technician.

    This is the door we go through to get to the waiting room, pay the bill, and then to our car and home. Belle weighs her options for making good her escape to freedom.

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